Poker Coach Spotlight: Dr. Tricia Cardner

I’m extremely eager to make recordings for Red Chip Poker, and I might want to require a moment to enlighten you regarding my experience. I’m the creator of Positive Poker (with Jonathan Little), a game brain science and max operation expert, previous brain research teacher, and an energetic poker player.

I took up the game the way the vast majority of you most likely did – by playing with a little gathering of companions from the 319th Rocket Group in Cheyenne, WY. My significant other was positioned there in 2006, and what might I at any point say – there isn’t a lot of to do there. We played tiny stakes no restriction hold’em, in a chilly cellar no less, and I was quickly charmed. I chose to invest as much energy into learning the game as possible. To me, poker introduced the ideal mental test!

poker mental test
As my game advanced, I turned out to be progressively mindful of the significance of brain science to poker. To consolidate my insight and involvement with sport brain research, positive brain research, and poker, I led a subjective doctoral paper study (called Pinnacle Poker Execution: A Subjective Contextual investigation) on the mental characteristics and capacities that different fruitful players from the not-really effective. I got some information about how they put forth and accomplished objectives, stayed away from slant, constructed certainty and inspiration, as well as a heap of different themes. The outcomes didn’t dishearten! It is proven and factual across various wearing areas that tip top entertainers have preferable mental abilities over lesser rivals, and this appears to turn out as expected for world class poker players, as well.

I wound up creating and offering a school course called the Brain science of Poker that, as you can envision, was enormously famous. To arrive at significantly more players, Jonathan Little and I chose to deliver a book based off the course. Positive Poker is a prologue to the mental abilities that poker players need to begin creating if they have any desire to work on their odds of coming out on top.

I chose to pass on my personnel position to seek after poker brain research full-time. I need to show whatever number poker players as could reasonably be expected about how you can make your brain work for yourself and not against you! While there are numerous mental abilities, attributes, and capacities that connect with poker achievement, they are learnable assuming you will invest the energy. I will utilize my new poker recordings to give you each of the tips, stunts, and data that I’ve learned over my long stretches of training, educating, and playing.

I’m anticipating making recordings and to getting to know you through the Red Chip Poker gatherings and virtual entertainment. You can follow me on twitter @drtriciacardner and you can reach me for training or questions/remarks at






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